Logmore develops dry ice solution for Covid vaccine delivery

Jyväskylä, Finland: Supply chain analytics company Logmore has rolled out a new product for monitoring sub-zero vaccine shipments. The solution developed by the data logger startup is designed for delivery of pharmaceuticals that must be stored at extremely low temperatures, such as the Covid-19 vaccine.

The newly developed Logmore Dry Ice is designed to support safer shipping of delicate goods that must be kept at precise temperatures below zero. Capable of monitoring shipments as low as -100°C, Logmore Dry Ice features sensors that allow cargo to be remotely monitored with extreme precision.

The product is expected to be used by businesses operating in the pharmaceutical industry, which faces the daunting challenge of delivering the Covid-19 vaccine globally, as efficiently and safely as possible.

The Moderna coronavirus vaccine requires storage at -20°C, while the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine must maintain a temperature of -70°C. This is beyond the capability of most off-the-shelf logistics loggers, prompting Logmore to develop a custom solution that is capable of operating in extreme conditions.

Carriers at every stage of the supply chain can work immediately with Logmore’s QR code tech, and use it to monitor not only temperature, but humidity, light, shocks, and location. Information can be tracked in real-time using any internet-enabled device, and alerts configured in the event of the consignment straying outside of permissible temperature.

Vaccines are notorious for being prone to wastage through poor stock management and breakage in transit. Given the importance of the first commercial coronavirus vaccines to be developed, coupled with the huge demand, the global supply chain is expected to be stretched.

According to Logmore’s Niko Polvinen: “Logmore Dry Ice brings a greater level of safety and security to the cold supply chain, with all data auto-uploaded to the cloud and easy-to-understand messaging minimizing human error every step of the way.”

The company’s QR code tracking software is used by companies operating in the pharmaceutical, culinary, hospitality, ecommerce, and logistics industries. In addition to vaccine delivery, its Dry Ice product is designed for transporting gases, frozen food, and other temperature-sensitive goods.



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