takes Thermo King for online grocery

Stockholm, Sweden:, Sweden’s largest online food store, has upgraded its home delivery fleet with 30 vehicles, all with Thermo King’s electric E-200 multi temperature fridges.

MatHem owns the entire distribution chain from order and warehouse to refrigerated vehicles delivering to customers’ door. The new fleet allows to guarantee an unbroken cold chain from the warehouse to the customers’ doorstep. needed two cooling zones in the vehicle – one for cooled and one for frozen – and remove the heavy standalone freezer they had used before to transport frozen goods.

They were also looking for an environmentally sustainable way to keep the fridge operating when the vehicle was stationary. Thermo King E-200 unit has an additional battery pack that meets this requirement.

“Sustainability and reduction of our environmental impact is reflected in everything we do, including our delivery operations,” said Frederik Engelfeldt, chief distribution officer,

“We guarantee to our customers that we will keep their food at the right temperature at all times until it reaches their home. An efficient delivery fleet is vital for this commitment and we’re happy to see that the Thermo King solution lives up to its promise. We now not only have more cargo space but the hold over feature keeps the groceries safe at all times during the route minimizing the risk of food waste. This feature also increases the sustainability of our operations as the driver can turn the engine off during stops to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.”

“The E-200 represents the next generation of fully electric refrigeration units and is the latest addition to our growing portfolio of non-diesel solutions. It allows our customers to move foods and goods safely with zero-emission, low noise and maximum convenience for the people in cities,” said Johan Green, account manager Thermo King Sweden. “We take pride in our expertise and reputation for collaborating with our customers and industry leaders to bring in new technologies. We’re very pleased with the positive feedback from following the real life operations and believe that Thermo King solutions will help them keep their customers happy, increase their profitability and lower their environmental footprint.”

The multi-temperature set up of the E-200 units allowed to save approximately 80 kilograms when compared to the previous fleet configuration featuring a standalone freezer. This directly translates to fuel savings and increased cargo space in the vehicle. The hold-over capacity is secured thanks to the additional battery pack, fully independent from the vehicle, which can power the unit during stops for deliveries or breaks. This gives the driver the peace of mind and flexibility to stop at any time without the need to keep the vehicle running on idle to keep the transported goods cooled.

Unlike typical direct drive solutions designed for diesel combustion engines, E-200 delivers constant capacity independently from the vehicles’ engines and associated moving parts, and can work with both electric and engine-powered vehicles. With no road compressor or drive kit, the E-200 is a plug and play solution and features patented power management, which contributes to lower energy consumption, increased vehicle autonomy and higher efficiency and reliability. The unit is also compatible with vehicle’s start-stop features contributing to additional fuel savings.

Being fully-electric, the E-200 allows the vehicles to comply with Piek standards and urban vehicle access regulations for sound levels in urban environments, and enables them to enter low emission zones, and run quiet to complete nighttime deliveries.

Thermo King:


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