New cloud-based temperature loggers

Rana, Norway: TAG Sensors has developed a range of low-cost, cloud- based temperature loggers.

Customers include DB Schenker, McDonalds, Havi, Bakkafrost and Apotek1.

The systems uses a low-cost temperature tag stuck to the package that continuously measures temperatures. It can be started and read using an app with a smartphone which provides a temperature graph with timestamps, location and pictures.

The app automatically alerts the user if there is a breach in the temperature limits. All temperature logs are stored in TAG Portal and easily accessible the company says.
“For high volume customers, we offer TAG Print station that prints the surface of the TAG and start it in one action,” says Hans Petter, Nyvik
chief executive, TAG Sensors. “Low volume customers can receive pre-printed temperature TAGs and start it using their smartphone.”

“The TAG can be read as many times as the customer wants during the shipment and actions can be taken early if the goods are damaged due to a temperature breach.

“Our solution have a low cost and has a high automation degree because it can be started from the printer, sticked directly on the outside / inside the box, and can be read automatically using TAG Gate reader,” he says.

The TAG has a memory capacity of 4,800 log points, which means it can measure the temperature with a frequency of every 15 min for 50 days before the memory is full. The printed battery is airfreight safe and the tag is for one time use only and is delivered pre-calibrated.


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