New name in German reefer trailers

Hanover, Germany: The new German trailer manufacturer Burg Silvergreen showed its new reefer semi-trailer Reefer SR03 at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2012.

The Reefer SR03 is based on an integrated chassis with a sliding plate at the neck.  ″We chose this construction because it is robust and long-lived and offers a lot of options to the customer″, says Paul Stempfle, director design and development, testing and homologation

Burg Silvergreen's new reefer semi-trailer

Since driving force-related dynamics are mainly absorbed by the chassis, the floor could be optimised with regard to insulation and forklift axle load, he says. Pallet storage boxes or tool boxes can be secured to the chassis in different positions. The spring-mounted corner bumpers at the rear are not fixed to the body but to the frame and guide forces directly into the main beam (instead of the body) through diagonal struts when the truck is docking on in reverse. ″Therefore we have less damage, a long life and a high degree of profitability″, Stempfle says.

The body consists of sandwich panels with metal coatings made of coated steel sheets on the inside and outside and an CFC-free PUR hard foam filling in between. ″Metal coatings are very robust and solid″, technical director Stempfle says. The sandwich construction results in a light tare weight of the body. Thanks to the processing of ingrade material layers, the materials can be separated easily after their life span and can be recycled or disposed of ecologically.

The stainless steel rear portal a new lamellar ethylene propylene diene monomere sealing (EPDM). This material has a long life and is ozone- and chemical-resistant.

Inside, the anchoring rails are integrated into the side wall and easily be cleaned according to HACCP standards. The carrying capacity is 80% higher than that of steel rails and in combination with the double deck rails allow for diverse options for loading and load securing methods.

Nine load-securing rails are integrated into the floor and allow air return below the load which increases efficiency, and reduces energy consumption. The integrated rails allow a safe anchoring of a variety of load securing equipment such as locking beams or adapted straps.

Wedges can be inserted in a reefer to transport paper or other rolls. “This makes the Reefer SR03 an extremely flexible all-purpose trailer. The load securing rails in the floor can easily be cleaned according to HACCP standards,” he says.

The aluminium floor qualifies as low noise under Piek standards. The lateral riffles on the aluminium surface are slip-resistant but alos offer little rolling friction during loading. The floor is welded to the circular buffer profile and provides insulation.

Burg Silvergreen’s Reefer SR03 is available for chilled and deep-frozen foodstuffs. Both versions are ATP certified.

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