New platform integrates the global supply chain

Chicago, Illinois, US: Project44, which supplies software for end-to-end supply chain visibility, has launched a new platform, Movement by Project44, to link shippers, carriers, logistics companies and other relevant parties in a transparent and collaborative supply chain.

“Movement by Project44 combines the power of the entire Project44 product suite, including its internally developed products and acquired capabilities, into one cohesive platform,” Project44 says.

“People, organizations and economies depend on the efficient movement of goods around the world, but the past few years have shown how volatile demand capacity is, how difficult it can be for carriers to find the right loads and how unpredictable delivery times are,” said Jett McCandless, chief executive, Project44.

“Movement enables visibility, agility and workflow automation, but most importantly, it fosters collaboration. That is the key. Because together, we can make supply chains work, improve lives and ensure access to the goods the world needs,” he says.

“Movement empowers teams to manage exceptions, streamline shipment operations, automate manual processes and collaborate to resolve customer issues, all from a single platform. It delivers value by providing complete order-level visibility across all modes globally, including multimodal estimates, from raw material to consumer door. It provides insights and workflow capabilities end to end — before, during and after transit.

“Everyone in the supply chain can use it, regardless of role, and it can deliver data to any person or system. The intuitive interface and unified APIs simplify issue resolution, and Movement enables seamless, data-driven operations,” the company says.

“As the largest brewer in the world, it is up to us to pave the way for the food and beverage space by investing in technologies that will bring the most value to our customers while navigating unpredictable supply chain challenges,” said Andreea Calin, logistics operations transformation manager, Anheuser-Busch InBev Europe. “With Movement, we hope to easily manage logistics operations in one user-friendly place and exceed customers’ rising expectations in an efficient, reliable and sustainable way.”

Movement has the largest network of connected carriers, logistics service providers, shippers, technology providers and consumers in the industry and can create connections for those who are not already part of the network faster than any competitor. project44 also has the most robust dataset and the most sophisticated data science technology in the sector and provides the greatest breadth, depth and quality of visibility available anywhere, Project44 says.

“We owe it to our customers to provide specialised cargo solutions based on their individual requirements and schedules,” said Paul Foster, vice president of development and integrations, JAS Worldwide.

“Global supply chains can be unpredictable, and to address customers’ needs, we need innovative technology that is user-friendly, reliable and informative. Movement will give us the end-to-end visibility we need to manage high-level logistics to meet and exceed customer expectations.”

“With Movement, shippers can increase lead time reliability and improve on-time delivery to cut costs and improve customer satisfaction. Logistics professionals can use Movement to improve data accuracy and increase productivity to grow revenue. Movement enables carriers to drive digital adoption, increase data accuracy and improve efficiency through automation to become more competitive.

“Drivers can reduce check calls and dwell times, providing real-time visibility and securing more profitable loads while gaining advantages as a preferred carrier,” Project44 says.

“As Girteka, the largest asset-based transportation company in Europe, we have a clear aim to be the obvious first choice for clients, colleagues, partners, the community, and shareholders,” said Edvardas Liachovičius, chief executive, Girteka Holding.

“As a company, we have developed a solid foundation towards shaping the future intelligent enterprise and strategically investing into technologies that support our vision to become the market shaping, Top 10 European logistics leader. We have a strong long-term partnership with project44, and already leverage their market-recognized RTV solution.

“The next step is to leverage the Movement platform which will allow us to better manage data from carriers and customers enabling greater collaboration, access to real-time insights and streamlined workflows across the supply chain,” he says.

“Movement’s user interface is highly adaptive and more intuitive and useful to a broad audience, and project44’s ecosystem partnerships and API-first architecture makes Movement compatible with any third-party or system. Both the back-end architecture of the product and UX have been redesigned to optimise customer experience,” Project44 says.

“The partner of choice for more top global supply chains than any other technology, Project44 is a market leader, as recognised by independent analysts and in user and customer reviews. This gives project44 the insight, scale, skills and partnerships necessary to build a single platform capable of making supply chains work for everyone: Movement by project44.”

“Most visibility vendors offer a single mode or narrow set of capabilities,” McCandless says. “They talk about a ‘single pane of glass,’ but without the ability to adapt to a user’s preferences, these solutions are one dimensional, which is a thing of the past. Movement is the future. It’s multidimensional, where each facet presents a unique perspective tailored to the user’s requirements. This level of configurability, value and collaboration is necessary to tackle the world’s biggest supply chain challenges. The name ‘Movement’ represents the part we all play in solving them, inside or outside the industry.”

Project44 is at the Gartner Supply Chain Symposium 2022 in London at the InterContinental London – The O2, on 27 and 28 September.


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