New two-piece reefer box

Mclean, Virginia, USA: CakeBoxx Technologies has a new refrigerated shipping containers using its ‘deck and lid’ two-piece design.

The ThermoBoxx 20ft container is aimed at temperature-sensitive defense, aeronautics, composites and electronics products.

CakeBoxx Technologies designed the new models as a time saving, cost-effective method to move temperature-sensitive cargos that would normally be difficult to load and unload through conventional reefer container doors due to their size, shape or weight.

The side and top loading capability is a key differentiation from conventional containers and provides a strong value proposition for speed of loading, product safety, security and loss prevention, the company says.

The containers are available in 20’ and 40’ hi-cube versions with customized versions expected to follow shortly, including 45’ and 53’ hi-cube models.

The new ThermoBoxx containers combine the industry standard cargo loading doors on the rear end with the removable CakeBoxx lid. This combination of loading options will enable shippers to load cargos from the top or side by removing the CakeBoxx lid (with 360° access to the deck) or through the rear doors as with conventional reefer containers.

This container was specifically developed to address the growing need for environmental control that shippers require for electronic equipment, machinery, composites, defense materials, pharmaceuticals and similar products that cannot be adequately served by conventional reefer containers. Notably, the combination of both the removable CakeBoxx lid and the rear loading cargo doors offers a unique ability for shipping both temperature-sensitive and general cargo.

Daine Eisold, chief executive, CakeBoxx Technologies said: “Our new ThermoBoxx was specifically developed to support the transportation and security needs of the expanding array of temperature-sensitive products in the defense, aeronautics, composites and electronics markets. As more and more of these types of products are being produced for global markets, shippers want to take advantage of container-based shipping.

“It is increasingly clear that conventional rear loading refrigerated containers are not a great solution, and in many cases are marginally adequate – so we built an alternative. In some respects, we plan to fill the need for the cold chain that open-top containers offer for dry cargo.”

“Risk and loss prevention managers worry about damaging their extremely high value, mission critical equipment during container loading, transport, and discharge operations. Our goal is to give them less to worry about. CakeBoxx containers have long been associated with the shipment of sensitive, high value cargo and this new product line will expand this capability into the cold chain.”


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