NewCold Pod brings complete temperature integrity

Wakefield, UK: NewCold has set new standards in maintaining temperature integrity with its Pod, the company says.

The Pod has been designed in partnership with Gray and Adams is made at its Doncaster factory. The Pod draws on the latest automated loading technology and is a first for the UK, NewCold says.

The Pod’s key function is to bridge the gap between the deep-frozen production or storage environment and NewCold’s auto-loading 44-pallet double-deck trailers – also made by Gray and Adams. 

As soon as product leaves the production line at minus 22 degrees, it is automatically loaded through a sliding door at the back of the 60-pallet-capacity Pod, which itself is cooled to the same temperature. From here, following a brief temperature-stabilising period, the pallets are automatically loaded on the double-deck trailer, docked to the front of the Pod.

Initial loading into the Pod is completed in around five minutes, with the whole cycle taking less than 30 minutes. Meanwhile, three electric Carrier fridges hold the temperature at a constant minus 25 degrees.

Effectively, every deep-frozen package or pallet remains at a constant set temperature of -22 to -25 degrees, and at no time during its journey from the production line to completed loading in the trailer is any pallet exposed to the ambient environment or touched by an operator. “This not only ensures absolute temperature integrity but virtually eliminates product damage,” New Cold says.

Tom Cassells, logistics advisor, NewCold, says: “Automated handling and loading are bringing a host of benefits to the deep-frozen supply chain and this new advancement represents a big step forward for NewCold and their customers – in terms of energy saving, faster turn-round and overall product quality.”


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