Schmitz Cargobull takes trailer innovation prize

Berlin, Germany: Schmitz Cargobull’s SKO trailer with generator axle and SCUe fridge has won the German Trailer Innovation award made by 16 German transport magazines.

“We see this award as confirmation of our forward-looking technology and many years of industry expertise.” Roland Klement, director research and development, Schmitz Cargobull said.

The electrically-powered S.CUe fridge uses batteries on the landing gear for power with a generator on the trailer axles to charge the batteries.

Schmitz Cargobull was also recognised in the award scheme for the TrailerConnect door locking system and its TrailerConnect portal, users can define loading and unloading locations where the door locking system automatically unlocks the trailer on arrival or locks it when leaving. 

In the Components category, the new air distribution system in the S.KO Cool Smart body trailer took third place. The system preventing heat pockets and simplifies handling.

“We are very proud of all of the placings as they show that we are the leading trailer manufacturer when it comes to reliable transport solutions and innovations and that we are working on the right mobility concepts and innovative vehicle solutions to extensively support and continue advancing future transport and logistics activities for our customers with our products and services,” says Andreas Schmitz, chief executive, Schmitz Cargobull.


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