Stef and YéO frais and pioneer chilled food road/rail transport

Paris, France: Stef, European cold logistics specialist and organic yoghourt maker YéO frais have started a combined road and rail transport service between YéO frais’s factory in Toulouse (southwestern France) and the Mitry Mory platform (a northeastern suburb of Paris).

This is the first time YéO frais has used a combined road/rail solution. It is also a first for the transport of ultra-fresh products on the Toulouse – Paris rail link. Logistics flows transferred from road to rail will initially account for 25% of Yéo frais sales in the Ile-de-France region and northern France, with a goal of 100%.

This multimodal transport service will operate five days a week on the Toulouse – Paris rail link operated by T3M with 13 and half hours of rail transport and two hours on the road (upstream/downstream).

Initially, YéO frais will use a 21-tonne capacity refrigerated swap body operating at +2°C – +4°C). The refrigerated swap body is loaded with pallets of yoghourts at the YéO frais factory in Toulouse and taken by road to the Fenouillet Saint-Jory train station near Toulouse. Here the refrigerated swap body is loaded on the train for the Valenton train station, East of Paris where the swap body is transferred to a truck to for the road journey to the YéO frais storage and order picking platform in Mitry Mory (Seine-et-Marne).

This is the first time YéO frais has used a combined road/rail solution which will reduce lorry kilometres by 875,000

The refrigerated swap body is equipped with a geolocation and temperature-recording device to guarantee constant traceability and to secure the cold chain. Ultimately, five refrigerated swap bodies will be used daily. On a full year basis, this will lead to lead to 1250 lorries taken off the road, a reduction of 875,000 lorry-kilometres, and a cut of 769 tons of CO2 emissions

Jérome Servières, general manager of YéO frais says: “YéO frais is the specialist for private label organic yoghourt. To our producers, protecting the environment comes as a second nature. YéO frais is a pioneer in this field, thanks to its expertise in organic milk collection.

“With Stef, we have decided to follow a collaborative approach to adopt an alternative solution to our present transport organisation exclusively based on road transport. This new logistics solution is a perfect illustration of our commitment to protect the environment. This move from road-based to rail-based logistics will significantly reduce our carbon footprint”.

Serge Capitaine, Stef deputy general manger says: “Because of the very nature of our activity – dedicated to food temperature-controlled logistics – Stef has always followed a strategy favouring a sustainable approach. It leads to innovations, savings and continuous improvements.

“The group has for many years pioneered new ways and promoted long distance transport schemes combining road and rail. Altogether, Stef actions in this field have led to a 5.65% cut of CO2 emissions in France between 2008 and 2011”.


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