Supertouch – thinnest ever thermal glove

Smethwick, West Midlands, UK: Supertouch has added the thinnest coated thermal glove on the market to its Pawā range of protective gloves.

The new addition, the PG400, is the only single-layer Thermolite direct dipped glove to be rated EN511 level two for protection from contact cold, the company says. This makes the PG400 extremely dexterous, allowing the wearer to use items such as handheld barcode scanners and tablet styluses accurately, and without sacrificing thermal comfort.

“The dexterity of the gloves is complemented by the degree of grip they provide. Benefitting from advanced foam and crinkle latex grip, the PG400 remains supple, even in cold environments. An additional benefit which arises from the slimline construction of the gloves is improved wearer hand health,” the company says.

“The ergonomic design and flexible liner and coating makes it easier for the wearer to move their fingers, decreasing hand fatigue. This also leads to better blood circulation, which adds to the enhanced thermal performance of the glove,” Khurram Akhtar, director of product and sales ,Supertouch, says.

“Providing employees with effective and comfortable PPE is at the heart of Supertouch’s design process. The PG400 helps to boost productivity by equipping wearers with maximum dexterity, enabling them to confidently complete tasks which require a great deal of accuracy.

“The combined comfort and practicality of the PG400 makes it easier to use pens, keyboards, hand tools, forklift controls, indeed a wide range of applications which require precise control in cold conditions. We want wearers to feel their work, not the cold.”

The gloves have an abrasion rating of three, and a tear level of four making them suitable for a range of applications in a number different of industries especially food processing and temperature-controlled storage and distribution.

“Equipping employees with the tools to complete their job safely and efficiently is vital for any company, and the Pawā PG400 contributes to this by striking the perfect balance between comfort, performance and practicality,” Akhtar, says.

Supertouch: the thinnest coated thermal glove on the market

Supertouch based in Smethwick in the West Midlands was set up in 1996 and makes personal protective equipment and workwear. For details see:


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