The case for temperature monitoring

Preston, Lancashire: Spar wholesaler and distributor James Hall & Co uses data loggers for continuous monitoring and temperature mapping of its distribution centre.

Temperature mapping is carried out to determine if a room or storage area can maintain temperature within defined limits. Examples of this include fridges, freezers, cold rooms and warehouses.

Sensors are distributed throughout the specific area to analyse the temperature distribution.

James Hall previously used Testo 174 mini data loggers but the company’s need for some form of automated temperature monitoring sparked its decision to change to Testo Saveris 2 units.

Trevor Holt, group technical manager, James Hall, said: “Part of the offer we supply is GSL (over the counter) medicines and the move to an automated system was made largely to comply with GDP requirements. Our previous data loggers [Testo 174 units], while reliable, did require a manual check.

“We have used Testo for many years and we knew they were reliable. The wireless capabilities of the Testo Saveris 2 units, together with the alarm function, made it an easy choice, as did the ability to access the data from any device with internet access.”

Testo Saveris 2 is an automated temperature monitoring system that stores all measurement data in one central place. Multiple measuring points can be incorporated into the system, meaning all fridges, freezers and storage locations are monitored simultaneously, with measurement data transported directly to the cloud, where results can then be accessed remotely, via PC, tablet or smartphone. This removes the need to collect data manually and, importantly, there is no longer any risk of readings going missing.

In James Hall’s case, it keeps 12 Testo Saveris 2 Wi-Fi data loggers on site for mapping the temperature throughout the building. In addition, there are five units for daily, continuous monitoring. This helps ensure goods are stored at the correct temperatures, and any deviations identified. The reporting element of Testo Saveris 2 is an asset, says Holt. “The ability to collate the data from numerous loggers into one spreadsheet or report is a great advantage when it comes to carrying out a temperature mapping exercise.”

Holt said the new system has also led to savings on routine checks and projects such as temperature mapping. “Before we introduced the Saveris 2 units we were looking at contracting out the temperature mapping, which would have been a considerable expense, as the exercise must be repeated several times to allow for seasonal variation.”

“The fact that the Testo Saveris 2 units are cloud based and did not require a base station like the older wireless systems is a real bonus. It makes the system more cost-effective, and more flexible as we have Wi-Fi throughout the building.”

James Hall also uses Testo Saveris 2 in one of its subsidiaries that handles medicines. The cloud-based system means that it is able to connect all loggers to a single account so that the “responsible persons” have visibility of both sites simultaneously, whilst deputising.

Without an automated system in place, an employee has to go through the whole site manually, checking each location. By automating this process, all data is sent directly to cloud storage, allowing the employees additional time to focus on other tasks. Reports are also collated and sent automatically. All data is stored in a central, secure place. Reports can be sent directly via email, and alarms can be set to send via email, SMS or App.


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