Transoft casestudy on Burris Logistics

Atlanta, GA, US: Data integration specialist Transoft, has released a case study of its customer, Burris Logistics showing how the third party logistics company, that handles refrigerated food distribution, was able to integrate its existing warehouse management system with a voice controlled picking system for warehouse operations.

Burris Logistics, in Milford, Delaware, US, is the seventh largest logistics provider according to the International Refrigerated Transportation Association and operates fifteen warehouses on the east coast of the United States.

Operations in a cold freezer environment presented a number of challenges, one of which included the need for employees to wear protective gloves in the cold climate. Because of this, traditional keyboard based applications were prone to error and difficult to use. The cold temperatures also proved challenging as pens do not work and many labels do not stick as effectively.

Burris Logistics decided to move their distribution centres to a voice recognition application for warehouse operations. This technology allowed Burris to improve efficiencies and expand the business. However, Burris still need to integrate this new technology with existing warehouse management applications.

Burris selected Transoft Component Adapters to bridge the gap between the two technologies. “We’ve been able to see tremendous value in our distribution centres’ picking process. Our warehouse productivity has increased 10%-15%, and that would not have been possible without Transoft’s Component Adapters,” says Ed Krupka, chief information officer, Burris Logistics.


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