Unlocking the potential of water freight in Scotland

Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK: Water freight can unlock hitherto untapped potential for Scotland’s supply chain, benefiting businesses and the environment alike says the Freight Transport Association.

It is holding a Freight by Water event in September to enable the industry to judge whether water freight is relevant. The round table seminar will review existing coastal and short-sea water freight connections for Scotland and possible future developments.

It will inform potential users about the options available now and allow industry to feed back on what is needed in the years ahead for water freight to become more widespread.

The seminar, which is aimed at buyers and operators of logistics services into or out of Scotland, will include presentations on a range of topics by  industry players, including shipping company MSC on container services, ferry operator DFDS on roll-on/roll-off issues, and Forth Ports.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Making use of existing water freight options
  • How to improve the quality of the Scottish water freight supply chain
  • The role water freight can play in improving Scotland’s competitiveness and the carbon footprint of its supply chain
  • How does water compare to Scotland’s rail freight options?
  • The likely impact on Scottish services of North Sea sulphur emissions regulation from 2015
  • Deep sea or enhanced short-sea – what is the future for Scotland?
  • Utilising English ports – how much is it the answer to Scotland’s supply chain?

The event takes place on 7 September in Stepps, Glasgow and is free to anyone in freight transport industry. To register to attend email Christopher Snelling at csnelling@fta.co.uk.


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