Why outsourcing leads to a better return

Grimsby, UK: “In recent months there has been a significant change in the way that Food Manufacturers are sourcing their storage and distribution,” says Jeremy Pettit, general manager, ACS&T Logistics.

“Many of those that had previously ran their own storage and distribution are opting for outsourcing these services, allowing them to focus their efforts in other aspects of their business. Focus may include entering new markets or introducing new products within existing markets.

Recognising that when their customers are experiencing changes within their businesses, inventory, market and transportation requirements, there is a need for ACS&T to adapt services accordingly and our experience, knowledge and expertise allows for us to meet our client’s changes demands.

“Food Manufacturers are the experts in there given field, looking to innovate to new markets whilst maintaining existing market staples. These processes take a great deal of time, effort and organisation, so the supply chain for raw materials and distribution of finished goods are crucial to them, and that’s where we come in. We provide the logistics solutions and service quality that allows them to focus on the areas that support their business sustainability and growth”.

“When customers are entering new markets, it can be difficult for them to predict the amount of warehouse space or levels of distribution that they will require. This is where our customers rely on us. Outsourcing allows adjustment to the capacity and distribution model through a logistics provider shared user networks, as an when change is required. Using a third-party logistics provider like ACS&T means that our customers have access to our facilities, expertise, knowledge and leading-edge technology, enabling them to manage their stock levels more effectively.

“Our ‘Real Time Visibility’ system means that customers can track their product at any stage of the supply chain. Customers can take advantage of our 100 years’ experience and depth knowledge within the food logistics industry, and in a highly regulated industry the importance of this shouldn’t be underestimated”.

Jeremy Pettit, general manager, ACS&T Logistics

“Selecting a warehousing and distribution provider with a focus on quality, with standards such as ISO 9001, ISO14001 and BRC accreditations like ACS&T, ensures that the supply chain reliability delivers exactly what our client base needs, without distracting our clients from their key competencies”.

“Ultimately the bottom line is, that it makes good strategic sense for a manufacturing business to outsource their storage and distribution. We take what is initially a complex goal and make it simple and achievable for our customers.”


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